Those are common effects/bufs that you can achieve in game:
Bless of Blood
Each time the Defense Rush (ctrl+2) bar is filled, you will be able to activate Bless of Blood buff, which will give you 3x level experience for 1 hour.
There are 3 ways to charge the Defense Rush:
- You can charge this buff by killing monsters;
- You can charge it by afk-ing: you get 12.5% each 15 minutes. Means that if you only afk you can charge this in 2 hours.
- You can instant-charge by using the Red Hour Glass form market: Common > Experience > Blood Hourglass
- You can benefit of this buff 4 times per day only.
The Crown Buff
Hunt and kill Tepez in Water Way to bless all your race with the Crown Buff:
- Some buffs duration is increased.
- More fame while killing the monsters.
- More money while killing the monsters.
- Chance to get the Ascendant Morgoth pet shape from Mask of Monster (read here).
- Mene 6 hearts drop rate is increased.
- You get `some` honor points while pvp-ing, with out being in war (the points are refreshed from 15 in 15 mins).
This buff stays for 3 hours or till another race kill Tepez. If another race kill Tepez, you still have it untill logout.
Tepez spawn in WW from 4 in 4 hours. But you can also summon him using the Tepez Summoning Scroll, inside WW. You can collect this summoning scroll inside the Tepez and Bathory (clone) lairs, or killing the Golden Rois in Asylion, as long as you have the Guild Awareness Buff.
Guild Awareness Buff
When you kill the boss from Dungeon Floor 2, the clan members will receive the Guild Awareness buff. This boss is spawned from 4 in 4 hours.
- Extra stats: +15 STR or DEX or INT (depend which one is bigger), +100HP and MP (150HP for vampires).
- Extra rank rate: clan master: 2.5x, sub masters: 1.8x, other members: 1.3x.
- Monsters inside Tepez and Bathory (clone) lairs, or Golden Rois from Asylion may drop the Tepez Summoning scroll.
- The chance of BB to decrease the options (when fail) is reduced to 5%.
GDR Luck Buf
It increase the drop luck. You can get this buf using the Lilith Apple or in random chances inside GDR.
Black Smoke Buf
Allows access to Hidden Labyrinth of Adam map. This map is for rank level-ing.
Unifying Shadows Aura
You can unluck this aura only by opening Debris of Closed Space box while your Honor is over 100k.
Magic Defend II
When you learn MA3 you can avoid a magical attack with 20% probability, even if you don`t have 600 All Resistance.
Magic Defend I
After you have 600 All Resistance and MA2 learned, you can avoid a magical attack with 20% probability.
Question Effect
This effect can appear while opening Pumpkins during the Halloween event: when it appears you need to type `trick` or `treat` in normal chat to have some fun.
Hero of Awaken Buf
You can take this buf from 15 in 15 minutes depending on a score you make killing monsters or fighting players.
Read more about this buf here:
Also, while you have this buf, your deaths are not recorded anymore in the pvp rank.
Knots Buf
You can unlock this buf if you use 2 knots in your gear. This buf gives you extra experience rates.
Read more about this buf here:
Lybrary Buf
You gain this buf by answering correct to the Quiz in the Library. This buff gives you more resistance against some monsters.
Read more about this buf here:
Dark Aura
This effect can appear while killing Mr. Pumpkins during the Halloween event specials.
No Experience Effect
This effect appear when you make no experience anymore. This can happen when you reach certain levels and you need to complete a quest in order to advance.
Read more about this buf here:
Origin of Fury Devil Scream Buf
You gain this effect using the Origin of Fury item. For duration of the event you gain extra critical and tohit but loose some protection. Read more about this buf here:
Critical Effect
This effect appears on the targets when your critical succeed in the attacks.
Stand out from the crowd
This effect appears when you summon your pet only if you buy the Special option from Stand out from the crowd, on the member page. This effect is for the riches.

This list will be updated with time.